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19g Vanadinite with White Barite

19g Vanadinite with White Barite

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Weight: 19g
Size: 31*22*18mm

1 inch = 25.4mm

Type: Vanadinite with Barite
Origin: Mibladen, Morocco

This specimen is completely natural and has not been treated or enhanced in any way.

Vanadinite is a mineral with the chemical formula Pb5(VO4)3Cl. It is a lead vanadate chloride mineral, and it is characterized by its orange or red-brown color and its crystal habit. Vanadinite is often found in the form of hexagonal or pyramidal crystals. Vanadinite is often found in the oxidized zone of lead deposits, and it is often found in association with other lead minerals such as cerussite and galena. It is found in many different locations around the world, including the United States, Mexico, Morocco, and Russia. Vanadinite is not a commonly used gemstone, but it is often collected as a decorative stone. It is also used as a source of vanadium, which is a chemical element used in the production of steel and other alloys.

Size and Weight

Weight: 19g
Size: 31*22*18mm


Mibladen, Morocco

Additional Details

This piece is completely natural and has not been treated or enhanced in any way.


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