Ethical Initiative

Ethical Initiative

For each purchase of minerals, crystals, and gemstones through our website,, 5% of the order value will support initiatives that directly benefit the mining communities we work with. 

Ideally, this will involve a grassroots approach that can bring forward the greatest impact to as many miners within our supply chain as possible. Projects will be determined based on feasibility and community impact.

If funds cannot be allocated to a new project by Erikord Gems, these funds will be donated to reputable charities that can bring the most benefit possible to mining communities. 

The first project will likely take place near Mibladen and Sidi Ayad, Morocco. These mining communities supply a large portion of the minerals we source and would benefit greatly from an improvement initiative. This project would look to improve the living standards within the community, safety of the mines, ergonomics of tools being used, and provide essential personal care items. 

This campaign began on June 18, 2024.

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